Nobody can deny that there are plenty of website designers across the country. In fact, there has been a 3.7% increase in the number of web designers in the UK, rising to just under 2,000. Demand is strong and growing as businesses understand how important their online presence has become in recent years. 

Why do I need a website designer? 

Yes, we admit that just about anybody can build a website using one of the many off-the-shelf website packages. But website design isn’t as simple as that. There are so many different aspects to consider when building a website: 
It must be visually appealing to attract visitors, including its layout, the colours used, good contrast, and organised in a way that makes sense and is not cluttered. 
It must be mobile-friendly and responsive. 
The website navigation must make sense and flow. 
It must be safe and secure to use, particularly on ecommerce websites. 
It must include top-quality content that is fresh and engaging. 
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is crucial. 
It must have easy-to-use, easy-to-find features and call-to-action buttons. 
It must be accessible by all. 
These reasons, and others, are the reason why you need a website designer. So, how do you find the best website designer? 

Tips for finding the best website designer near you 

1. What do you want your website to achieve? Before you hunt for a website designer, you first need to know what you want to achieve through your website. Here are the sort of questions you need to ask yourself: 
Who is your target audience? 
Do you want your website to focus on your products/services, your customer service, or reliability and speed of service? Work out your business’s key message. 
What functionality do you need? 
How many pages do you want? 
Are you adding a blog or resources? 
What’s your budget? 
Do you want videos or any other specially created content? 
Have you got the content, or do you need a copywriter? 
Have you got professionally produced photos/graphics/illustrations, or do you need those to be done? 
It’s these types of questions that a good website designer will ask, so having the answers before you start your search speeds up the process. 
2. Freelancer or agency? The number of freelance website designers is growing by the minute, all with varying capabilities and focus. Whilst working with a freelancer can often be the cheaper option, there are downsides, too. A good, experienced freelancer will be flexible and communicate with you well. However, a not-so-good freelancer may be difficult to contact, doesn’t meet deadlines and isn’t prepared to be flexible. There are two types of agency – the website design agency that specialises in building bespoke websites, usually with a small team of two to three people. Alternatively, a full-service agency provides website design alongside other marketing services, such as SEO, copywriting, PPC advertising and social media management. Agencies are usually more expensive than freelancers and you may find that you’re not speaking to the same person all the time. 
One more type of agency offers a combination of both options in one cost-effective, specialist web design package – It’seeze Twickenham. 
3. Decide on a budget – who you choose may come down to your budget. Agencies are more expensive, but you are investing in a team of web designers that will have a proven portfolio. Freelancers are cheaper, but you may not necessarily be getting the most experienced, talented or reliable service. 
4. Communication – this is a priority when having a website designed and built. You need to be kept up-to-date on progress, and your feedback must be taken on board by the designer. In most cases with an agency, you will be speaking to a project manager/coordinator that has been assigned to your website build. They should be available at any time to answer any questions you may have, keep you updated on progress and ensure your website is delivered on time. With a freelancer, communication may be a bit more sporadic. It’s not so much that they won’t have the answers; they will; it’s just that if they are particularly busy, it may take them longer to update you. 
5. Consider their skill set – again, with an agency, you will often find that they have a wider skill set and can offer additional services. This is because they have a pool of talent to draw from. So, they may be able to offer copywriting services, SEO and PPC advertising, as well as having the capacity to manage your social media pages as well. With a freelancer, they often focus on just one area, building your website and once that’s done, they will move on to the next project. This means that any after-sales care, such as website maintenance, may suffer in the long term. 
6. Choose local – you may think that it doesn’t matter where your website designer is located; actually, it does. If you want to target your local area, as many small and medium-sized businesses do, they will know and understand your local target audience. This gives them a better insight into building a website that is more focused on local customers. Another benefit is that sometimes it is easier to meet with your website designer in person, particularly when it comes down to sorting out the finer details and testing functionality. 
When you start searching for a website designer, it can be a bit of a minefield. Start with a Google search but be specific about certain parameters. For example, use a ‘near me’ or location search query to narrow down the choices. Always choose three to five website designers first – a mixture of freelancers and agencies – and then review their own websites and portfolios and see if their skill set matches your requirements. 
Recommendations are always a good point to start, whether it’s asking colleagues and other business people in your network or looking at online reviews. A good website designer should know about SEO in order to fully optimise your website and should be able to demonstrate a clearly defined process for building a website. It’s also a bonus if they have experience in building websites in the industry, too. 
At It’seeze, Twickenham web design company deliver affordable, professional, custom-designed websites that promote your business and brand successfully. As a local web designer, we are able to provide a highly personalised service and ongoing expert support. Opt for a free Website Health Check that will decipher the areas where improvements can be made to your existing website, or we can build a new website that matches your needs. Call us today to create the website of your dreams and turn your business into a success. Contact us for more details. 
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